As you can see, our Kooikers are very versatile and really enjoy many activities such as American Kennel Club's relatively new program Lure Coursing. Pictured is Leo running in the event. MULTIPLE GROUP PLACING HIT UNJ URO1 INTER-CONTINENTAL UKC GRAND CH Ambermoon's Frosted Toast Crunch RN CGC SPOT NTD

We are delighted that you have found us and this  charming breed of dog. Kooikers are truly a very special, rare breed  and we feel so lucky to be loved by them . They give you their whole heart and want nothing more than to make you smile.  They adore their families and take on every new endeavor with a wagging tail. They are intelligent beyond comprehension and you would swear they are supported by  two legs and not four. They want to do whatever you are doing. If you are up for a walk they are eager to go. If relaxing,  watching TV or reading a good book suits your fancy  they will curl in your lap just to be near you. You are their world and they want you to know it. Devotion is an understatement when it comes to this magnificent, loving breed of dog. They have a character all their own. Silly antics and playful time is also part of their nature. If you are looking for a dog that will bring you more joy than you can even imagine, then the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is for you. But be careful, they will  make claim on your heart and not let go. Pictured to the right is JEDI.. Jedi was the #1 Nederlandse Kookerhondje in the USA two years in a row. We are proud of our homebred boy. Multi Group Placing #1 Breed 2018 & 2019 GCHS CH Ambermoon Return Of The Jedi BN RN FDC BCAT ACT1 DJ CGCA CGCU TKI ATT VHMA

Now that we've introduced you to the Kooikerhondje breed, we would also like to tell you more about us. We have been involved with the breed for 20 years and know this breed inside and out and pride ourselves on having the very best Nederlandse Kooikerhondjes in the United States. We are a small, at home, show and canine performance breeder. We are located in Appleton, Wisconsin USA, one half hour south of Green Bay, in Packer Country.  Our family consists of myself (Kathy), my husband (Joe), and our two children (Alyssa and Nathan), ages 20 and 23 years, who are now beginning their young adult lives  but are still actively involved with our dogs.
All of our dogs live in our home as members of our family or they may live with other families and visit frequently for training, showing and bonding . We take our dogs with us to as many pet friendly family events and outings as we possibly can. We actively show our dogs (almost every weekend) in various canine competitions, such as AKC Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Dock Diving, Barn Hunts, Lure Coursing, Nosework, Herding, and Pack Hikes. While we enjoy the time spent with our dogs showing and competing, we also find our daily family life with them very rewarding.  We especially love taking our dogs for quiet walks through our beautiful Wisconsin State Parks and Forests.
We are very passionate about the  Nederlandse Kooikerhondje and have puppies only on occasion. All litters are planned well in advance. We only breed Champion and Health cleared parents that are sound in both body and mind. In addition to their comformation Championships, all of our dogs also attain tiltes in other dog competitions. We believe these endeavors help us further evaluate our dogs to reach our goal, which is to produce puppies that are not only gorgeous, but also healthy long lived family companions, with confident, loving, and devoted temperaments. All of our puppies are extensively socialized and will go thru a complete structure and temperament evaluation.

Pictured to the right is our handsome Kooikerhondje boy 'Indie', Ambermoon's Vanilla Honey Bean from our Ice-cream litter out of Halle and Evan. He is also pictured above in the "Got Kooikerhondje" photo as a young puppy and then at around a year old to the right on the gorgeous rocky mountain cliff. Handsome Indie lives in beautiful Jasper, Alberta Canada and is loved and owned by Stephanie Sophocleous and Jeff Lewis. 
Pictured above is darling Duncan as a puppy, Daddy Evan, (always happy) and Grandma Halle (RIP) doing a little Dock Diving practice.
All of our puppies are thoroughly socialized with children between a wide range of ages. As you can tell, our puppies are very loved and cared for. Every puppy is given individual attention and lots of hugs and kisses. We feel this special attention  creates a very unique bond with each puppy. We believe that early nurturing and individual love from the moment each puppy is born is essential to the mental stability of  our Kooikers and provides an easy transition into their adoptive homes.

We are extremely selective about choosing homes for our puppies. Each and every puppy is very special to us and we want to do our part to make sure that every puppy enjoys a life full of happiness and love. If you are interested in an upcoming litter and learning more about our selection process please contact us. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you enjoy the pictures and information about our Kooikers. They truly are very dear to us. And if you are a loving home that wants to make a Kooiker a member of your family please don't hesitate to write. We are located both in Wisconsin and Kentucky.
These pictures with children truly portray the love and bonding that we provide each puppy. Our puppies are fabulous with children of ALL ages. We will never compromise a solid temperament in this breed. Many are breeding dogs that frankly do not do well with children and other dogs. We revolve our breeding program with the sole purpose of producing "family companions". And to us that means they do well with all children of any age. Please be aware that this is a serious issue in the breed but not in our Kooikers. You can trust our many years of knowledge with the breed and dogs in general. To breed dogs that may cause harm to any person is plain unethical and we do not condone those that are hiding this irresponsible breeding.
This is adorable little Noelle Watt with her two special  Kooikers. Our Izzy from the "Spring" litter and our Juneau from the "Superbowl" litter. This picture melts my heart.
'Indie' AMBERMOON VANILLA HONEY BEAN & his brother 'Ru' AMBERMOON'S BRUSHFIRE FAIRYTAIL enjoy swimming in a beautiful Canadian Mountain Lake.
Above are some of our import girl "Fanta"
AKC GCH CH INTER-CONTINENTAL & UKC CH UCA UFA NC PTN Fantasie Z Plouznicke Staje BN RI CAA ACT1 NJP NAJ NTD TKN TDI THDN CGCA CGCU BCAT FDC RATI RATN SCN SBN SPOT-ON and Leo MULTIPLE GROUP PLACING HIT UNJ URO1 INTER-CONTINENTAL UKC GRAND CH Ambermoon's Frosted Toast Crunch RN CGC SPOT puppies enjoying a warm summer day down by our pond. They sure love the water and playing in the mud. 
Many of our Kooikers excel in the sport of AKC Dock Diving. Pictured above is our boy "Rocket" who absolutely loves leaping into the pool.  BIMBS UJJ UKC GRAND CH Duckhill Flash Ambermoon Emma ACT1 RA BN DCAT DJ DN MX MXJ XF CGCA SPOT TKN
Our Kooikers excel at agility. If you want a competitive agility dog we will certainly be able to find the right puppy for you. We have been doing agility with our Kooikers for 17 years. 
Pictured above is Jacey and our Sweden Import Rocket. Both are loved by the Tervelt family. 
Kooikerhondje puppies  
due May 12, 2022!