Brazen is a 6 month old Kooikerhondje puppy. This happy little guy was one of two puppies we originally kept for our Ambermoon breeding program. The intention was to watch both Brazen and Graham grow up some and then at a later date, choose the one boy that we would like to continue on with our Ambermoon Kooikerhondjes.  We have chosen Graham. 
Brazen is a very confident, sweet, playful, friendly,  obedient, and extremely intelligent puppy. Brazen is very outgoing with all people and other dogs. He is an exceptional Kooiker puppy with so much potential for the right home.  Brazen is currently enrolled in our Advanced Puppy Training Program. He is learning all the basics of obedience and more. Brazen is also competing in AKC conformation shows. We will continue with training, socializing, and competing with Brazen up and until he is placed in his forever home. If you want a top performance puppy, we have no doubt he will accomplish those desires. Brazen is NOT available as a companion only. He must go to a home that desires him for performance events.  If you are interested in Brazen please feel free to email us at: Please only very serioius inquires. Brazen's current adoption fee is $4600 and will increase as his reaches more competition and training milestones. Even though we are sad to see Brazen go, we know that he will bring such joy and happiness to a new family.
Page Updated 09/10/2022