Page Updated 02/20/2024
Lacey was born November 12, 2023

Lacey is  beautiful little girl from our Austin Powers Litter. Lacey is a very exuberant and happy little girl. She’s a very curious, very confident girl and loves to play. She is very smart and likes to be on the go. We are looking for an active family for cutie pie Lacey. She would be perfect for a competition, performance home of any sort. However, that is not necessary or required. We are looking for a young or middle aged family to keep her active and both mentally and physically engaged. 
Lacey is starting her crate training and more advanced socialization. As her training progresses with her age her price will be adjusted. Right now Lacey's adoption fee is $4800.  Serious inquires only and those ready to adopt NOW. Not next month, right now. Make sure you are clear of any immediate MAJOR vacation or travel plans before you inquiry. Thank you. Please email us at: