Litter Born June 17, 2021

We are accepting pre-screen questionnaires which are found on our website.  We require a separate  email along with your submitted questionnaire. Due to the overwhelming demand, we only accept applications for a litter that is already born. We do not keep a waiting list nor do we keep your pre-screen on file. We will make notice on the questionnaire page that our questionnaire acceptance is closed, once all puppies from the current litter have approved homes.  We do not take deposits prior to the birth of the litter.  You must follow us on facebook, AKC Marketplace or this website, we will not contact you. If you submitted an application and received no response within one week or if you did, saying our acceptance period is closed, you must again submit a new questionnaire for a future litter.  However, once again waiting until the litter is born.  

This is a very rare breed. So we feel the need to "cut to the chase" on Price. Our dogs are exceptional! We have been involved in the breed over 18 years. (Yes a registered Nederlandse Kooikerhondje, not a look alike that some breeders claim to have had) We know this breed inside and out. We know all our breeding dogs personalities. Due to inferior temperaments in the breed, we only use our own stud dogs or dogs we have screened personally and have LIVED with prior to breeding. No exceptions to this ever!! These are quality bred for temperament, health, structure, and breed type. This is not a designer breed of the latest fad.

 Please expect to pay at least $3500-3800 for a Kooikerhondje puppy.

Serious Inquires only. Families ready NOW to add a puppy to their life!!! 
Please fill out the questionnaire if interested. No window shoppers please. Our time is valuable and devoted to training and loving our dogs, along with interviewing serious prospective homes. Finding the right homes takes a lot of time, as we are very selective in placing them in the best matched homes. Forever homes is our only goal and without our intense screening we would never achieve that. Once we find those homes, you become our family too. As we trust you with these precious little lives we brought into the world. Only stable secure families accepted.