The Kooikerhondje is a very rare breed. So we feel the need to "cut to the chase" on Price. Our dogs are exceptional! We have been involved in the breed over 22 years. (Yes a registered Nederlandse Kooikerhondje, not a look alike Kooiker "wanna-be" that some breeders claim to have had). We have a very well established long in existence breeding program. We know this breed inside and out. We know the lineage for numerous generations behind "our dogs". We know all our breeding dogs personalities, health histories, structural makeups, idiosyncrasies, breed types, intellectual capabilities, and levels of biddability. We prioritize temperament and health! Since AKC recognition in 2018, we have seem unethical breeding practices emerge in the breed. We only use our own stud dogs or dogs we have screened personally and have LIVED with prior to breeding. No exceptions to this ever!! Once again,  our dogs are quality bred for amazing sweet loving temperaments, good health,  fabulous structure, and excellent breed type, all of which makes up the essence of the Kooikerhondje breed! 
Our Kooikers sell for $4500-5000.



Here's how our process works...
Once the litter is born, we open up the pre-screen questionnaire to applicants. If you are interested, please fill out the online questionnaire. And only if you are seriously interested in the Current Litter! We do not save applications for future litters. Only for the "Current, already born Litter". 
Do your homework on the breed. Make sure this is the breed you desire. We are not here to educate you on the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje, however, we ARE here to educate you on our Ambermoon Kooikerhondjes.  Our time is valuable and devoted to training, showing, and loving our dogs, along with interviewing serious prospective homes. Finding the right homes takes an enormous amount of time and effort, as we are very selective in placing them in the very best matched homes. Finding forever homes is our only goal and without our intense screening we would never achieve that. Once we find those homes, you become our family too. As we trust you with these precious little lives we brought into the world. Only stable secure families ever need apply. 


EXPECT TO PAY $4500-$5000