Page Updated 3/22/2023


Owen is a handsome,  very sweet, affectionate, intelligent, obedient, happy little fella. Owen is currently enrolled in our "Ambermoon Puppy Training and Socialization" Program. When he finishes the program Owen will know and perform all the basic commands (sit, down, stay, heel, come,  and many more.  He will be Puppy Manners and Crate Trained.  He will be AKC Certified Passing the AKC Virtual Home Manners Puppy Test with his official AKC Title. 
To further elaborate, Owen is a very bright, responsive, easy going, cuddly young man. His ideal home will be that family which appreciates his advanced training and will continue with his education and enroll him in dog related activities either at a competition level or just "fun" based. We will prioritize those families that want to do the most with Owen. We are looking for an active family that will offer Owen a life full of love and adventure. 
Just to explain; usually out of every litter we pick 2-3 of the most promising show/performance puppies to continue our Ambermoon Breeding line. We spend a few months evaluating, training, and socializing those puppies. Then once we make decisions, many of these puppies become available for adoption, as we near our end goal of finding our next "show star"! All are placed at different times and with a set of unique circumstances.  If you are interested in puppy Owen please email with the subject line Owen.  Email:
Owens birthdate is October 26, 2022. Owen will be ready for placement in his new family 4/20/2023  Owen is $5250.