Junie will be available to a Companion Home June 2019...
Junie came into our family early in 2018 due to the death of her previous owner.  We attained her AKC Championship and Canine Good Citizen CGC.  She now knows basic commands and is crate trained. Prior to her arrival with us at Ambermoon she was kept mostly as a Kennel dog so she never was really housebroken. We have been working on this and with a little more effort on the part of her potential new family would easily learn. She does potty outside on command and with just a tad more diligence in this training it would take no time at all to accomplish reliable housebreaking. 
Since Junie was never fully trained to the extreme level that we train all our dogs, she is not trustworthy of leash like all our dogs. She would need a fenced yard. Free walking (off leash) would probably not be in her immediate future. We let all our dogs loose and rarely, if ever, use a leash. With that being said, we really feel she needs a home where this is not an issue. Most families don't have the acres of land that we do to let our dogs run free.  We want Junie to go for long walks and spend more one on one time with a loving family. It isn't that we don't love her, it's just her initial upbringing doesn't fit in the scheme of our lifestyle and we want her to be happy. We hate leaving her behind when we go exploring. 
She is a silly, goofy, happy girl that loves everyone she meets. She is one of the most exuberant outgoing Kooikerhondjes we have ever had. She is non stop wiggly butt. Junie gets along with all people and all animals, including cats. Junie is 5 years old but really acts more like a year old puppy with her happy go lucky outlook on life. Junie would be a great addition to that active, fun home. Actually she would be a great fit in almost any home situation that likes to do things. She does have a turn off switch and loves to snuggle and give kisses. She would be great with children of any age. She rarely barks and has a very outgoing, affectionate temperament with people she knows and strangers the same. Her personality is more Golden Retriever than Kooiker. She is extremely food motivated so will do anything for a treat. Junie will be available in early June to the best loving home. To eliminate window shoppers or those looking for a "bargain" dog, Junie is not FREE. We are asking $1200 for Junie. She has been health tested clear and will come with a non breeding agreement. Once the new owners spay her, we will provide her full AKC paperwork and registration.  She will come with a limited health guarantee.  If you are interested in Junie please fill out the questionnaire on our website and answer questions as pertaining to Junie only not a future puppy. Junie really is a special girl and deserves to live out the rest of her life with a family that will give her lots of love and attention. We know that our lifestyle is not the best match and her happiness matters most.

AKC CHAMPION Vonlin's Junebug Jamboree CGC
Page Updated 05/16/2019

It appears that Junie has here forever home. If  you are still interested and want to check back in Mid June please do, as one never knows anything can happen.