Bred by Rod Beckstead (Ravenswood) and Dee Nichols (RedGold)
DOB:  February 14, 2009
15 1/2 inches tall 25 pounds
Von Willebrands VWD Type III:Clear 
Hereditary Necrotising Myelopathy ENM: Clear
Patellas: Normal OFA # KOO-16/49M-NOPI
Eyes: CERF Clear
Sender has been a very outgoing and fun loving dog from the day Dee picked him up. He absolutely loves the water, retrieving and tries to please wherever he can. He never sees a stranger he doesn't like and is good around most other animals unless they are of the squirrel variety.  
He is a beautiful boy and has won best Stud dog at the last 2 specialties and produced this years Best In Specialty Show and Best Bred By Exhibitor.  His wonderful working ability and fun loving temperament is very apparent in his kids. 
​Sender can stand in one place and jump to the top of an 8 foot fence when he gets excited and really enjoys his evening runs in which he circles the house about 3 times at warp speed.  Sender is certainly an asset to any breeding program bringing with him his excitement and outgoing and entusiastic loving attitude. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to use Sender with our special girl Josie. These pups should be excellent examples of the breed both in Kooiker type and correct temperament.